Luxury Edition Rose & Jasmine Spa In A Tub

Luxury Edition Rose & Jasmine Spa In A Tub

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Luxury Edition Rose & Jasmine Spa In A Tub

Treat your special someone, or take the spa experience home with you in an upscale fashion! The Recipient Will Adore You For It! Each spa  in a tub gift set is made with Pure White Rose & Jasmine extract. 

The refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion and awakens feelings of romance and desire. Jasmine induces peaceful and relaxing slumber, while White Rose fights depression and boosts self esteem. They also improve skin conditions such as stretch marks and scars, hydrate the skin and improve the overall appearance for a toned and youthful glow!

Gift Includes:Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Bath Crystals, Body Butter, Bath Bombs, Body Soap, All with an uplifting Rose & Jasmine fragrance that is delicate & fragrant..   

We use the highest quality ingredients to prevent skin irritation that leave the skin silky smooth & moisturized. Top that with our premium presentation - dressed to impress the highest expectations.

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